Hi my teacher Fred,

I just wanted to let you know that I exceeded my goal & I am now the   top salesman at Nissan. In the last three months, my average sales was 22 cars! I thought that would make you happy. Your teaching was the ultimate success for me. Thank you again for all the encouragement that I had from you.


Manny Hanna

Seminar attendees happily learning sales physiology




In deep thought about seminar

Sales Overview

What makes a great automotive salesperson?

They create value for their clients that's how they get people to purchase a vehicle and continue to buy from them. Rather than being seen as unnecessary or intrusive, they are seen as a valuable resource a trusted business advisor.

Poor salespeople destroy value. Not just through the wasted time and failure to close deals, but also through the hidden costs of losing return business and future referrals. You know the type. These sales killing agents barely make a connection when a customer walks in the door. They don't take the time to find out what the customer really wants and can afford, and they focus almost exclusively on the vehicle and not the person. Too often, they let customers walk away without ever getting to feature and demonstrate a vehicle that would be just right for them.

Automotive Training & Development offers proven approaches and tools that help automotive salespeople move from being value destroyers to value creators. Our approaches focus on creating motivated and inspired sales professionals who enjoy their work and are eager to serve their clients. Our methods incorporate the best ideas in automotive training, sales effectiveness and human development.
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